#NikeMilers Speed Training with Nike and Helen Clitheroe

Nike Milers has been designed to make you faster, ‘unleash your speed demons,’ says Nike. As I have no speed demons so to speak off I decided to try one of their Track Night sessions as Mile End Park Stadium. Run by former Team GB athlete and now coach Helen Clitheroe, I went along to test the speedy waters as it were. It didn’t help that I couldn’t find a suitable top in time so wore a Minnie Mouse t-shirt. This says a lot about me. But not having a technical top didn’t deter me from going along to the session and having one of my first ever experiences running on a track.

After a warm up and drills designed to get our muscles moving, we were running. Well sprinting is the better word. I was sprinting. The track was 400m long. We would sprint 200m, have a 60 recovery and sprint another 200m. This was followed by another 60 second break and then another sprint. Over and over again.

It was exhausting and exhilarating. Helen assured us that by the last sprint session we should be getting faster. I don’t think I did but I also didn’t slow down and I know that on the last 200m sprint I dug deep and forced myself to run as fast as I could (there was a perverse pleasure in overtaking people and knowing you were about to explode from using too much will power).

The fact that I had the chance to train on a track was amazing. The fact that Helen Clitheroe was the coach was all kinds of spectacular. In fact here is a picture of Helen where she is actually glowing. I don’t know how my phone was able to do that but maybe my phone has become sentient and can read my hero worship accurately – who really knows.

She then stopped glowing, which was a shame

My sister saw this picture and asked me who I was thinking of murdering. 

If you are in London or can get yourself to London easily then have a look at all the training sessions Nike offers – there are so many and they are free.

Nike Milers

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