Sweaty Betty and Barrecore’s BarraASANA class at Selfridges

blog-barre-asanaI love trying new classes and pushing my body so when I heard that Sweaty Betty and Barrecore were going to be having a series of BarreASANA classes at Selfridges I signed up as quickly as possible. I have never tried BarraASANA before and it was the fusion of yoga and barrecore which really intrigued me. Since I am at best mediocre at both I didn’t have very high hopes at my own ability but it was thanks to Sweaty Betty ambassador Charlie Ballard that I surprised myself and had a really good time too.

As I said Charlie was amazing and she gave me the mental strength to go deeper into my squats, deeper into my lunges and really push myself when keeping my heels down for downward facing dog. I was a lot more flexible and now not only do I want to get back to there but I want to surpass it.

I seemed to forget that this was a fusion workout – how I don’t know, but that’s what happened. For some reason I just thought it was yoga so when we started with the barrecore moves, I was surprised. (I know this doesn’t reflect well on me or my memory but there we go). Lunges while in Warrior 1 while we were on our toes on the leading leg, deep squats on toes, and constant elongation of the leg and neck. There was this one section which worked on our gluteus and I don’t think my muscles have ever shaken so much before. I wish I could have taken a picture for you all to see because it would have come out blurry thanks to my involuntary muscle spasms.

It was a fantastic class and I really liked the fusion of yoga and barrecore. I can feel my core and legs today and it is a good muscle pain – they worked really on Monday night.


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