Spending the day in Bristol

Bank Holiday weekends are the best. That extra day is full of promise and wonder. I exaggerate a little but it is lovely knowing that you have one more day to play with before heading back to work. For Doctor Sister and me this meant a trip to Bristol to see our cousin who is currently living and studying. I can’t tell you how much fun the three of us had and how beautiful the city is! He took us on a walking tour around everywhere and we even managed to show him some cool things too – like a café with swings for seats.

My cousin took us on a walking tour all around the city (that’s to my Misfit Shine I can tell you we walked 10.3 miles in total) and with every new place we saw I fell a little more in love with Bristol.

One of the things we did was make our way to Ashton Court, just outside the city centre before taking some truly beautiful pictures of the Clifton Suspension Bridge (pretend there isn’t any work going on).

As Bristol is also the location for many a BBC drama, Cousin led us to the place where Sherlock was filmed (anyone remember the wedding episode in season 3?). The grounds were so inviting I did a cartwheel – the first in more than a decade and thanks to not stretching before I really hurt the muscle in my right thing. So tragic and the younger me would have been shocked. When did I become so inflexible that doing a cartwheel hurts? I really need to take up yoga more regularly.

The picture is such bad quality because it’s a scree-cap of the video my sister took. If you want to see the full video (and hear my pain when I land) it’s on my instagram right now.

And here is the cafe! Called The Playground Coffee House it was a really fun place to spend some time.

The icing on the cake though has to be the incredible street art and the fact that in Bristol, I saw my first ever Banksy!


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