Getting my hair braided

I love how fashionable it has become to get your hair braided. I have long hair and keeping it in a braid is the perfect way to keep it off my face (and stop it from falling into things it shouldn’t, like my food). Recently I had the chance to try both The Braid Bar and Blow Ltd and loved what they each did to my hair.

Strangely I also went to both places in the same week. The first was The Braid Bar and I popped in right before Sweaty Betty’s BarreASANA class. Rose, the wonderful hair stylist gave me a fishtail plait which I wanted to last through the whole of the class. This did but added to that was how beautiful it looked. I got complimented so many times. I also want to mention how fast Rose was especially since the class was going to start soon. But this didn’t stop her from being precise and neat. When my Mum saw it, she loved it.

What I love is that The Braid Bar are going to be in the Nike 10k festival village in June. I already have the hairstyle I want picked out and I am just hoping (all fingers crossed) that I get to have it done for the race.

The second place I went to was Blow Ltd at Waterstones Piccadilly. Of course this isn’t their natural habitat but there were there for the Polly Vernon event I went to. For this they had a select menu of four braids and the one I picked was like a halo plait all around my head. I loved the finished look! I also loved the stylist complimenting my hair (apparently I have the perfect hair for braiding – so there everyone, so there) and how quick she was. I can only imagine the amount of practice it takes all of these people to get to that skill level.

I wanted to end this post by saying which one I liked best and why but I am finding it really hard to do so. I love how both are such different, striking looks. There is no way I can pick – all I know is that I will definitely be getting my hair braided again.

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