Whistles x Frame

I am trying to get into slow, controlled movements which will tone and strengthen my body. This is why I spent my evening last night with the amazing Gede Foster. She was running two classes, Dynamic Stretch and Frame Barre are all to celebrate the launch of Whistles x Frame – a new collaboration of fitness apparel launching next week.

I loved the classes, especially once the sun came out and started shining on all of us. Both really tested me since I am not flexible (at all it seems like) and with my right hamstring being in so much pain right now I felt incredibly wooden. But I tried everything and I could really feel the burn. There was this one section in the Frame Barre section which really targeted the abs – hello burn!

Gede was an amazing teacher and these classes were incredible. My body felt every single move yet it was incredibly low impact. I loved it.

Wonderfully after the workout Coco Face were there with some truly delicious coconuts for us all. That was a fantastic way to end the workout.

    It was a fantastic way to spend my evening and I can’t wait for the collection to drop.

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