What’s on my desk

Most of the times when you see pictures of what people have on their desks / gym bags / random locations, you are confronted with (in a good way) heavily stylised photographs where every object almost takes on an ethereal quality and is more beautiful than anything else you have ever seen. Since I have no idea how this is done (magic?) I decided to just shove some things out of the way and take a picture. As you can see the shoving wasn’t very successful and you can still see wires, notebooks, keyboards, but most importantly you can see what I wanted you to see. My brand new 24 Bottles wannabe milk bottle and a sample of Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance which is due out later on this month.

First, the bottle. I want to start by saying I am in love with it and treat it with more care than I treat my body (see yesterday’s post). 24 Bottles come in a range of colours but when I saw the white I had to get it, it reminds me so much of milk bottles and milk floats of my childhood (when I see the odd milk float now I grin – always good memories). It’s stainless steel, insulated, and just feels so much better in my hands than a plastic bottle. Plus water always stays nice and cool.

Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance is a book I have been looking forward to for ages. Blogging has given me loads of opportunities to do and try things I normally would never have the chance to but getting something like this makes my day. After reading this sample I can’t wait to get my hands on the full text! June the 16th can’t come around fast enough.

Actually not just because of the book – when June the 16th does come around I will have done my first relay triathlon. Scary, exciting, scary times.

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