Dinner at Franco Manca

This is pizza with a delicious twist. Made from slow-rising sourdough and baked in a wood burning ‘tufae’ brick oven, every single pizza ordered in Franco Manca is moist, aromatic and has an edge which was so delicious that there was no way I wasn’t going to eat it.

Friend loves Franco Manca and she was the one who recommended their Belsize Park location. For someone who spend a lot of time in London until yesterday night I had spent a grant total of zero hours there. The restaurant is just a little walk away from the station and in the sunshine, like almost everywhere else in London and indeed The World, Belsize Park looked splendid. As did Franco Manca. Rustic, open, and very inviting. We decided to eat outside as the weather was so nice and who knows when next we will be able to do this.

Staff at Franco Manca were attentive and very polite as were the chefs and we didn’t have to wait long before our pizzas were in front of us. And they were glorious. Before I saw mine I assured Friend I wouldn’t be able to finish it and would have to ask for the leftovers to be packed up. *Snort*. I ate almost all of it and it was amazing.

I can’t recommend this place enough: the food is delicious, very reasonably priced (for London we are verging on cheap), and at least for the Belsize Park restaurant, in wonderful locations. And the crust is the best crust I have ever eaten.

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