Yoga in the sunshine in the Cardinal Place Roof Garden

10557285_749165431863186_3321146469178672158_nYesterday, on what seemed like the first day of summer in London I went straight from work to a yoga class hosted in the Cardinal Place Roof Garden by Create Victoria. It was run by Jo Arthur and I think it was the first time I really and truly enjoyed doing yoga. All credit has to go to Jo for this – she really is a fantastic teacher. I know recently I have upped the amount of yoga I have been doing but I have never enjoyed it as much as other fitness types. I know they aren’t all comparable but I compare them anyway. This class was wonderful and the fact that it was being hosted outside in this wonderful location in the sunshine helped a lot.

I am not going to tell you where I was. If you know anything about me and my love for print and colours and a certain pair of leggings then you’ll be able to spot me with no problem at all. 10930883_749165388529857_8929121360544519486_n 11109287_749165365196526_7759690200055896725_nAs you can see in the picture below there were people helping us all to adjust and improve our poses, helping us to push a little bit deeper. It was when we were doing the Wheel, a yoga pose I have been doing since childhood, that Mona came over held my hips and pulled up ever so slightly. The back-bend and stretch in my back was magnificent and no knowing I can get that sort of arch with assistance really makes me want to be able to achieve it without. 11351297_749165328529863_2914582915438590068_nThe most wonderful thing about this class was that we were able to look at the sky and feel the breeze. It created a completely different atmosphere to yoga in a studio and I felt so much more willing and able to do these poses. It also hugely helped that my hamstring feels almost perfectly normal again. The onwderful thing is that this is one of two classes and the second sounds very cool. With Wimbledon only a little while away the second class is tennis inspired and if you want to have a go then there are still places available! It’s on Wednesday 24th June at 6.30pm in the same location and you can click here to book.  11428490_749165405196522_4669373422794914230_nAll photos are from Create Victoria’s facebook page – they have put quite a few up so you can see us all having some fun in the sun!


  1. monaheep 28th June 2015 / 11:07 am

    Thank you for the lovely mention <3 hope to see you in class some time! xxxx

    • Rosh 28th June 2015 / 9:04 pm

      You soon will!

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