Picnic in the Park

Not only does sun’s out mean guns out (or in my case baby guns out) but it also means picnic time. And this is exactly what Sister and I did. She in fact went to two over the weekend but I limited myself to only one. After all, that much sunshine after about half a year in wintery darkness would probably kill me. But the day that I picked, yesterday was baking. In fact it was so hot that the cardigan I brought in case it was cold (pah!) had to be used as a sun block because it didn’t even occur to me that I would need a hat.

With all the training I do and fitness classes I go to, hanging out with friends has taken a backseat and until yesterday I didn’t realise how much I missed it.

And as there was Pimms we were all thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Pimms has to be my favourite alcoholic drink and I am one of those people who ask for it in the middle of winter and completely annoy the bartenders who after spending a long time looking for fruit settle for massive celery stalks and hope I won’t complain. But yesterday there were strawberries and mint and limes and cucumber in the Pimms.

After there was cricket and just generally enjoying the view.


I hope you all had as fantastic a weekend as I did.

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