Penultimate run with The Gentlewoman and Nike       

I can’t believe 8 weeks and 8 runs have flown by since I started running with The Gentlewoman on Monday nights. Not only does this mean that the Nike 10k run is next week but that I have been successfully running in a group for 8 weeks. I haven’t thrown all my toys out of the pram and I haven’t  tripped anyone up intentionally or otherwise. In fact I have enjoyed it so much that I know after the race is over I will still be going to run with them.

Last night’s run was an 8km run through Hyde Park. Usually as a group we are broken up into three distances and people can choose which one they like. This time round we all did the same distance but at different speeds. I put myself in the medium speed group. As soon as we started running I knew this wasn’t going to be the medium speed group for long. The pace was blistering and instead of 8k we ran a full 10k.

When we finished running a trainer told me that on average the pace was 5’22’ per kilometre. I couldn’t keep up with this pace for the whole session but I was able to sustain it for 7k and that made me so proud of myself. I have never been able to sustain such a fast pace for such a length of time and I am still amazed that I did. The progress I have made with my running has been tangible.

There was this one particular hill in Hyde Park which wrecked me and after that I could see my pace dropping. This was also the time when my knee started to hurt – this particular knee I really damaged while still in Uni and every now and again it twinges just to let me know it’s still there. After the pain started I slowed down considerably and enjoyed a much more gentle jog / duck-ish waddle back to the Nike store.

What was very cool that waiting for us there were Pip & Nut who have revolutionised peanut butter and are sponsoring the 10k race nest week. When I was running one of the Nike pacers, Laura, was telling me just how delicious they are and just how brilliant one flavour in particular is. That was the one I took and holy crap on a stick it was delicious. If you ever have the chance I really recommend it. Coconut Almond Butter. Heavenly and the perfect post race snack.

Tonight there is a speed training session which I am also looking forward too but I am also worried about my knee. I shall see how it feels when I run and see if I am able to push it. After all the triathlon is this weekend and the 10k next weekend – I need to be able to complete both. And complete them well.

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