The unexpected ‘benefits’ of working out

Having toilet cubicles at work really give you an insight into the people you work with. Everyone has a ritual and while some people can just sit on a toilet seat and getting about doing their business, I can’t. I have to wipe and make myself a thrown of tissues. But since I have started working out I don’t even have to do this because I can squat like a champion. No part of me touches any part of that toilet and this got me thinking about all the other random and strange benefits of working out. Of course not all of them are as welcome as the sheer power my things now have to squat.

  • I can’t stand on the escalators any more. I was never very good at this (impatient) but now no matter what I have to walk up them. And walk quickly. When there are people walking in front of me really slowly I huff and puff and mentally curse them.
  • My natural skin colour is all but lost to me. I spend so much time outside that only some parts of my scalp are my actual skin colour. The rest of me permanently benefits from the sun.
  • I constantly think about running.
  • I constantly think about eating.
  • I am constantly eating.
  • I am constantly looking at pictures of food.
  • I have had to find new friends. I love my friends but they don’t love running and as I spend more and more of my time doing nothing but running I have had to find new friends, those as obsessed as I am. Twitter has been a huge help with this – the sheer amount of amazing women out there are crazy about their wellbeing and lifestyle as I am is brilliant.
  • Holidays are only worth going on if you can do some fitness related activity while there. Otherwise they are a waste of money.
  • If by any chance I do go on a holiday where there isn’t a fitness element the first thing I pack is my running gear.
  • I have never been so calm or happy.
  • My thighs might as well be made out of steel.
  • I never thought I would love getting sweaty as much as I do.
  • People think of me as an inspiration. I can’t get used to this because all I do is run.

Of course some things have never changed. People assumed that running outside would give me a better sense of direction. Well I proved them wrong.

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