I now have my license to blot

I am starting to enjoy running in a group more and more but no matter how many times I run with other people or how comfortable I become with them, joining a new and already established group is always challenging. Last night I ran with the Fashercise running group as it was a special run, in partnership with Benefits Cosmetics and their newest product – the POREfessional License to Blot (which I think will be perfect for my permanently shiny forehead). I am not going to tell you the socialising element was amazing, because it wasn’t and that was down to me, I was as terrified as I had been when I first started running with Nike. But that didn’t make the run any less enjoyable and at the end when there was food and drinks (provided by The Hoxton Holborn) I was more comfortable and actually able to talk.

We all started running together and then we split off into two groups, one group doing a 3km and the other a 5km. I joined the 5km group and the rote was winding and busy. It was a lovely route, across the river and back again, but it wasn’t one I would have picked for myself – at least not on such a beautiful day as yesterday. The amount of people who wonder around London in the evenings is extraordinary. Crazy is probably a better word. Dodging all of them was as challenging as running.

I also managed to inhale a fly. Disgusting but full of protein as my dad would say.

When we got back to The Hoxton Holborn I was finally relaxed enough to socialise – don’t know what happened to me earlier in the day but I was struck with a mighty case of shyness – as well as eat some delicious nibbles and have the most hipster bottle of water ever. The bottle has a moustache.

I then started to really enjoy myself and talk with some of the other women running. I felt more at ease and comfortable. The goody bag certainly helped with this.

While we were running we passed a Nike running group running the opposite way. I overheard one woman mention how serious they all looked and how a group like that wasn’t fun at all. Well I had to laugh at that because in my experience the group isn’t like that at all.

I had forgotten how hard it was when I first started running with a group and I hadn’t expected to feel it again so it was a slight shock to not belong instantly. Initially I was absolutely positive that i won’t be running with them again but now I think I will. I always need to push myself out of my comfort zones and in this case my discomfort of being around new people spoilt the socialising element of this run for me.

The run was an excellent prep run for the Nike 10k later on this week – i am so excited about that it’s crazy!

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