Lunch at Amino Bio in Holborn

One of the most wonderful things about the onset of summer is that wondering about town and having lunch in a new place isn’t fraught with the twin dangers of puddles and umbrellas. I can wear what I want (Toms and a sleeveless blouse) with getting frostbite and don’t have to worry about having a spare pair of socks with me or if someone will poke me with their umbrella. (potentially change this?) Earlier today Sister and I ended up at Amino Bio, a vegan and gluten free friendly Italian restaurant in Holborn (they also have a location in the Barbican).

As I have said so many times the rise in health conscious London has only benefitted us vegetarians. Usually we have to do with the one option on the menu (an unexciting pasta or risotto made with no imagination or care whatsoever) but now in some places the whole menu is for us. Amino Bio is one of those gems – everything is vegetarian friendly and many dishes are vegan and gluten free. How amazing is that?

Of course I had looked at the menu beforehand but still had no idea what I wanted – I like the feeling of being spoilt by choice but it doesn’t happen very often, so when it does happen I am a little stupefied with what to do. So I took my time (or as much time as I could take with a rumbling stomach). In the end Sister and I chose the set menu – three courses for £12.

The starters were delicious. Sister went for a lentil dish while I opted for a pickled vegetables and rocket. However compared to the starters, the main courses were a disappointment. I found the risotto to be bland and Sister’s soup was so small a portion that we were both very surprised. She also found it very bland. I would have loved some more herbs, some ginger, some more vegetables in my risotto.

Things improved greatly when vegan pear and orange cake, and apple cake arrived. It really tasted as if the flavours were natural and not enhanced with bucket loads of sugar.  The subtlety was hugely appreciated by both of us.

Overall I liked the food we ate here and I would like to try other things from their menu. however there are a lot more places I want to eat at first.

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