#WeRunLondon with @NikeUK

I have been looking forward to this race for ages. Nike’s 10km race in Victoria Park was the perfect place for me to try and smash my PB and have a direct year on year comparison. Last year I completed the course (in the same beautiful location) in just over 59 minutes. I wanted to beat that so badly and I have been training hard.

Sister was in China last year so this was her first experience of an event like this, where it really is very much like a festival. We had lots of fun wondering around and seeing all the stalls (and trying the odd freebie) before the race started.

Possible the best thing ever was having the #WeRunLondon hashtag on display – the perfect place to take photos (even from the back).

What was really cool was that there was a wall with all our names written on it. I loved being able to find my name! Also how epic does my arm look in the photo? All this weight training is starting to pay off.

Sister and I then headed over to our respective waves but in the end I decided to stay with Sister in her wave (she hasn’t been able to train as much as I have so her wave was one below mine) and we warmed up and danced in the sunshine before the race started.

It was a really good race and I was literally pounding the pavement trying to clock a better time. I felt good and I felt confident but by the time I finished I wanted nothing more than to take a break. What I loved about the run was the way Nike organised it – run on the left and over take on the right. It didn’t always work because people are people but more often than not when I overtook I was able to do so with no problem and when people overtook me it was also collision free.

A #sweatyselfie as soon as I finished. 

Collecting out finisher’s pack and medal was the next thing I did after grabbing a bottle of water and drinking almost all of it (it turned into a very warm day). I love the tote bag and my love for the medal goes without saying.

Once Sister joined me and I bumped into some friends and we had a celebratory glass of champagne, which went straight to my head. I was hungry and dehydrated (no matter how much water I drank) so after one glass of champers I was telling everyone that I was spinning around and that they should move out of my way. It was very funny.

When then spent a little more time in the village paying a visit to all the stalls and seeing what was on offer. Vita Coco were there, as well as Pip & Nut and Metcalfe Skinny popcorn. The really cool thing was that if we posted a selfie we could get free popcorn, so of course we did – with Sister and Alice!

I much preferred the cinnamon flavour to the wasabi but Sister loved the wasabi so at least the two of us didn’t fight.

Then we headed home very happy and very tired. On the journey home we all found out our times. I am so proud of mine – next stop is getting close to 50 minutes!


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