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Today I bring you all a guest post from B, A Girl Catching Hope. I discovered her blog purely by chance and once I started reading I wasn’t able to stop. Her story is about her past with anorexia and from B herself the story is moving and powerful and full of hope. She is extraordinary and I urge you all to read her story below and then check out her blog. 

Hey new readers 🙂

I’d like to say first off how excited I am to be writing on this blog because it is one of my favourites and just an exciting thing to be able to do!

I’m here today as a foreigner, to tell a story of myself and the reasons behind telling that story. That story unfortunately isn’t a fairytale or a love story *sigh* but I guess in a way it is one of more importance.

My story is about anorexia. A word that is tossed about in the everyday world as an insult or adjective such as “she looks so anorexic”, and I guess that’s one of the reasonings behind me publishing this tale. I was diagnosed with my illness in September 2014 after my weight plummeted, shedding 2 stone in just under two months. My anorexia is restrictive meaning I starve, I don’t binge or purge food I just avoided it to high heaven. I hated food, I ate about 150 calories a day and burnt that off with obsessive exercise. I hated myself and my body, all I saw was fat and all I got told in my head was I was fat and worthless and didn’t deserve food. I won’t go into much detail of my story here, if you wish to know more about it then I have a whole blog post on it which will be linked at the end.

Many have asked why I’ve been so open about my struggles. Anorexia, like other illnesses is one that one likes to keep secret. For a while I didn’t want a soul to know, but during my recovery I was trying to search for people like me who were going through the same thing and it was hard to find. One the most helpful things about recovery is knowing that it is possible and in terms of anorexia, being able to see that eating won’t kill you or make you the size of a house but give you back your life. I want to show people that recovery is possible, it is hard and you’ll relapse but it is possible and more importantly worth it.

My second priority in telling this story is to address some myths surrounding the eating disorder. I want to show people anorexia is an illness of the mind, you do not have to resemble a skeleton to have the illness, in face you could be 20 stone and have anorexia, because too often have I seen people who need treatment but refuse it because they “aren’t thin enough to have an eating disorder”. And by showing the depths of the disorder I hope I show that recovery of an eating disorder isn’t “just eating” and it isn’t an overreaction, people can’t “just start eating again”, it is a battle and I hope to create more empathy for the soldiers.

I hope you enjoyed my little post. If you are interested in more of this story or me I’ll link where you can find me below.

Thank you for reading

B x



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