Monreal London – anyone for some very fashionable tennis?

monreallondon_rightYesterday I was talking about how money doesn’t buy you happiness and today I am going to talk about how in some cases it really can (instant gratification isn’t instant when you have to wait for delivery and therefore absolutely fine). I just heard about Monreal London a luxury sportswear brand for tennis players.

I am not a tennis player but some of Monreal’s pieces are transferable and it is the visor I have fallen in love with. Even in the illustration above it looks good but in actual images it is so cool.

10931402_609489512485130_5401994104078581034_nAnd yes I know it has been designed for tennis but who cares about that? I like the idea of looking cool while I am working up a sweat and having something like this makes it a lot easier. Plus more than other people thinking I am cool (which is always lovely), I would think that I am cool. And even though it is incredibly un-cool to admit this, I like thinking I am cool.monreal-london-ocean-drive-visor

Sadly these visor’s aren’t cheap and at £75 each I can’t see myself investing in one yet (then again I have a half day on Friday and may find myself doing some shopping). But they are on the list and I do think they are beautiful. If any of you decide to get one, let me know if it really does look as good on an actual person rather than someone paid to wear it.

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