Day 7 at Wimbledon

I watch Wimbledon every year without fail but I have never actually been to see a match live. This year Sister and I decided to change that – we wanted to experience the real Wimbledon (the queues, the Pimms, and the strawberries and cream) in the grounds and not in front of our TV screens. But sadly we weren’t the only people who had the same idea and even though we woke up at the crack of dawn (4.30 AM. AM) and made our way to the end of the queue, we had a lot of people in front of us and a long wait to go before we could be let in.

The queue was the most British queue I have ever been in – everyone is given a number as they arrive so there is no queue jumping (later we saw people who had queue jumped – they were all taken to one side and were watching us go in)

As you can see it was all very neat and orderly and actually very dreamlike, probably because I was still asleep. Sister and I read and chatted and killed away the hours until we were finally allowed in, about 4 hours after we arrived.

Once we left the field we snaked our way through security and ticket sales. On the way we passed this sign. I don’t know what I am doing but I think I was trying to hide my massive, provision filled rucksack behind my legs. I was unsuccessful.

While we were in this part of the queue, Wimbledon had errected screens showing tennis players and fans talking about what Wimbledon means to them (amongst other tennis related things). One particular video had a group of fans laughing about Dustin Brown. According to them his family must be called Sweepin and Cleaning if he is called Dustin. Ummm what? How in the world was something like that allowed to be played? I was so insulted by it. RUDE. Of course I got onto Twitter and asked Wimbledon what was wrong with them but no response. Didn’t expect one but I hope they don’t play that video again.

Once we finally had the tickets in our hands we made our way into the grounds and got the chance to see some actual tennis! But before I talk about the tennis I want to talk about the flowers – I hadn’t expected such beautiful flower displays.

Our tickets allowed us entry to any of the non-show courts and as there was so much tennis being played on Day 7 of Wimbledon we had the chance to see quite a bit of live tennis.


It was fun and once we had our fill of that we made our way to Heather Hill (previously known as Murray Mound and Henman Hill) found a spot and watched some tennis on the big screen.

This was of course also when we indulged in some very traditional Wimbledon things – Pimms and strawberries and cream. I haven’t had cream with strawberries in so long that it was a delicious indulgence.

The below picture was one of the last we took before we left. It was a fantastic, hot day which I really enjoyed. Next year I want actual tickets since the queue exhausted me and I love my sleep way too much to ever want to wake up so early again.

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