#MoveYourFrame with NTC and Frame

2015-12-08_265_p1Yesterday morning I was in Kings Cross’s Granery Square before my mind had fully realised that it was awake hours before it usually needed to be. This was because it was the first of Nike NTC and Frame┬ácollaborations. For three weeks only Frame and Nike Master trainers are hosting a special ultimate full-body class and yesterday was the first in the series.

Broken into sections concentrating on cardio, strength, tonight, and power, the whole workout had to be the best way to start my Tuesday.

I really haven’t worked enough with resistence bands so getting the chance to use one was very cool, if very painful. This was the last section of the workout. The first was cardio boxing and as boxing is somethign I have never done I had the best time. Have you never tried squat boxing? Then you haven’t lived my friend, you haven’t lived. The only true way to live is to feel the burnnnnnn.

Can you all spot me? Clue I am in bright pink trainers.

Pip & Nut were there post workout with the best breakfast ever. Just have a look at this menu. Also the guy you can just see in the picture above is part of the Pip & Nut family. He was also seriously cute – I am very much looking forward to seeing him again next week!

As I said there are two more sessions and if you are in London then sign up here! It’s a brilliant morning full of sweat and laughter and excellent food.


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