Reclaiming my lunch break

I hate working through my lunch break. When I am not running at lunch I try and make all possible effort to get away from my desk, to go for a walk outside, to read my book, to do something other than sit and stare at a computer screen. Recently Stylist Magazine launched their Reclaim Your Lunch Break campaign all with the aim of getting people away from their desks and outside. Today was the day when London was full of free lunch time events and I decided to make my own hairband with The Makery.

It was a very easy process and I got to creating in the sunshine knowing that very soon I would have my own hairband.

Once I’d turned the hairband the right way round (it was already pre-sewn with only a small gap for the wire), I put the wire in and then had to sew it up.

Once it was completed someone from The Makery made their way over to me and decided to style the hairband for me. I was very glad of this – I have never worn anything like this before and wouldn’t know where to begin with actually putting it on my head.

Seriously, how cute does it look? I have never felt from from the past then I did at lunch today. Doing something so different at during lunch was so fun and even though I try to not work through lunch there are days when I work on. I don’t want to and more than that, I don’t need to.

Here is to actually taking a lunch break!

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