Training Plans

I have never been very good at following training plans – they tell me to run when I want to walk and rest when I want to run. But I want to improve my speed and run my fastest mile ever and next year I also want to run my fastest marathon ever. So I downloaded a couple of training plans.

Part of me is terrified to even look at the marathon plan. I want to push that challenge away as far as possible, even though I know that if I do that it will come around quicker than anything else. When I properly open that plan and read it, it will all become very, very real.

The other part of me wants to start training RIGHT NOW. I want to run faster, longer, smarter and I want to do that now. It’s a fine balancing act and right now fear is winning. The fastest mile training plan looks like a lot of fun and it definitely seems more achievable than training for a marathon. SIGH. If only running a marathon was easy.

But what are you like? Are you one to use a plan or make a plan for yourself? And if you have never used a plan before would you considering using one?

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