Dressing up

I love henna parties as they are always an excuse to dress up, get together with family, and eat some delicious food, while having henna put on. Usually they happen just before a wedding so that everyone who wants to have henna done can have it done and it looks amazing and fresh. Last night was my cousin’s henna party and I was pretty excited about it.

Firstly I want to talk about my outfit. When my parents were in India last year my mum bought this for me. There are three elements to this particular outfit – the top, the skirt, and the shawl-like substance – and she purposefully chose three mismatching elements. I love the contrasting, clashing colours and so did other extended members of my family.

It was such a fun evening with food and singing (and a little bit of dancing) with lots and lots of henna. I didn’t keep the henna on as long as I should have but the colour has come out so dark regardless. I love it and it should still look really good for the wedding.

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