Running in compression leggings

Recently I bit the bullet and bought my first pair of compression leggings. I wasn’t entirely sure if I needed compression leggings but I met a fellow blogger who had bought the same pair I did and she loved them. They felt amazing on and I couldn’t wait to run in them.

Also i am particularly fond of my socks in this photo – long live polka dots.

Usually when I run I wear knee supports. usually when I do any sort of workout (barring yoga) I wear knee supports, but these leggings are incredibly supportive and I decided to risk running without them. I don’t know how much is actual pain in the knees compared to paranoia and fear of future pain in the knees but when I went running with the compression leggings and no knee supports they (my knees) behaved.

They may start to hurt if I continuously choose not to run with supports but with this run I (and they) felt good. These compression leggings were incredibly supporting, and not only were they really tight (hello second skin) but they have a silicone strip around the waist keeping them up at all times. I loved that – no pulling mid run, no adjusting, no nothing. Very, very nice.

I bought these leggings from Boom Boom Athletica and I have been a fan of their clothes for ages.  Plus Ann, the founder is brilliant and she’s an ultra marathon runner to boot!

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