#SoFast in the sunshine with Bernard Lagat!

Yesterday there was another #SoFast session, this time from NikeTown in Oxford Circus to a secret location. As with yesterday all we were told was that there would be special guests and while the title of this post gives it away, we had no idea who we were running to meet. Or in fact, where we were running to.

There were so many of us departing from Oxford Street and the atmosphere was so fun. I once went on a run with another running group and they talked about how boring and how serious the Nike running groups always look. As someone who runs with Nike all the time, I can tell you for sure that serious isn’t a priority on these runs and yesterday was a prime example of that. I made sure I had fun and the people around me were having fun too.

Before we got to our secret location we had a pit stop in Green Park where we did some hill sprints – I really am getting better at this whole sprinting thing and am able to sustain the speed for longer which I love.

We ended up in Battersea in The Doodle Bar where inside there was water and shade. And a bar, as you can see from the picture above. But infinitely better than the bar was Bernard Lagat, the Kenyan-American middle and long distance runner. He is the American record holder in 1500m and the mile indoors, as well as the thirteen-time medalist in World Championships and Olympics (including 5 gold medals). And he was going to be talking to us.

It was wonderful listening to him talk about his career, how he motivates himself, and how excited he is for the Anniversary Games this weekend. He spoke about the highlight of his career (making the Olympic team for the first time) and how he has no plans of stopping any time soon (woohoo!). It was wonderful listening to him speak but sadly it did have to end. Once he left it was time for dinner!

The Miss P Barbecue looks good doesn’t it? Sadly I don’t remember what the vegetarian option tasted like because the queue took so long that by the time I had my burger I had to run out and ate while running for the bus. The woman grilling the mushrooms and halloumi cheese wasn’t even trying to work faster and I could feel myself getting more and more hungry.

It was a really fun, cool evening and I am really looking forward to the rest of the #SoFast sessions.

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