#SoFast session in the Olympic Park


This whole week has been amazing with sessions every night to help people find their fast. Every night Nike not only organised an epic training session (hello parachutes and secret locations and delicious good) but they also arranged for some amazing world class athletes to pop by and impart some wisdom and also show us how they train. Last night, for the last session Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Greg Rutherford came to Stratford.


The two of them, along with most other world class athletes will be competing in the Anniversary Games starting today so having them talk to us yesterday was pretty cool. While we were in the Stratford Nike store we had a Q&A with the two of them and I asked them both about the importance they place on sport psychology – both of them rather rely on themselves, something I agree with.

We all then headed out to the Olympic Park and after necessary photos with both Katarina and Greg we started the session. This session wasn’t about running but more about the plyometric drills a person can do to improve the speed and power of their runs.

I have never done plyometric drills before, at least not in such a structured session, and I really enjoyed it. We were split into two groups and initially we were using some stairs to train our body to be more explosive and powerful – I definitely will be doing this in my own sessions. We then worked on our footwork speed using ladders. I found this so much harder and this was definitely something I need to work on.

Once the session finished we ran back to the Nike store via laps around the Velodrome where there were treats waiting for us. That had to be the perfect end to a really wonderful session. I really hope Nike do more since I plan to take advantage of them all.

Credit for the first group photo goes to Lorna Evans and the second goes to Nike

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