I have a love / hate relationship with yoga

This is one topic I keep coming back to, my inability to actually do yoga. Sure there are poses I can do, even full sequences but it doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t look pretty. Instagram is full of (mainly) women in beautiful locations looking really good as they bend in seemingly impossible ways. I don’t look like that when I try those poses and this picture is a very good example of that. How dead do I look in that picture? Really dead and strategically dead as if someone laid by body out in that way after I kicked the bucket.

And I know yoga shouldn’t be about how it looks or how photogenic it is, it should be about how it makes you feel inside but everyone knows that’s crap. Modern yoga is more and more about showcasing your flexibility and bendiness and even though in many photos I look sweaty, cross-eyed, drunk, hyper, and even comatose, until this photo was taken looking dead wasn’t a thing I was familiar with.

I find this picture very, very funny (because I look dead) but it does reflect my frustrations with yoga. Actually scrap that last bit since it should read ‘frustrations with myself’. I can’t do it and it pisses me off. In my case practise isn’t making perfect, it’s just making me less dead.


    • Rosh 28th July 2015 / 3:12 pm

      Hah! That is probably the best yoga move out there

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