Making my own knitted clutch bag!

My mum is a Renaissance woman and part of her repertoire is being able to knit. She taught me a long time ago but it wasn’t something I ever kept up with. So when I saw that I Make Knots had teamed up with Manuosh to host a workshop in Kings Cross’ Drink, Shop, Do to make clutches, I had to book a space for me and the mothership.

The kit included everything we would need – two skeins of pudgy yarn, possibly the best knitting needles in the history of the world, and a magnetic fastener for the clutch itself. The first thing we had to do was untie the first skin and roll it into a ball.

Then it was time to cast on, which I found ridiculously difficult. Once that was done it was time to start knitting. Thankfully the pattern was simple – one row knit and one row pearl until we had the number of rows they recommended or our clutch was as big / small as we wanted.

With Rhiannon Selcuk (of I Make Knots) there to help us with any problems we may have, it soon felt as if I was flying. With such chunky yarn and massive needles it really didn’t take all too long until we had the right length.

Once we had then sewn the sides together and pushed the fastening in place we were done!

Mine did turn out a little lopsided but I love it even more for it. I can’t wait to wear it and show it off to the world!

It was a fantastic day and this was only the first in a series of two workshops between I Make Knots and Manuosh (I hope there will be more). The second one is going to be about the hat and I am really looking forward to it.

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