Thursday is the new Friday, so hello baby biceps!

Thursday is the new Friday so instead of posting this gratuitous shot of my arms tomorrow I am going to post it today.  I love lifting weights and am really getting into it especially when I see pictures like this and see the progress.

I am all about lifting small weights over and over again and gradually increasing their size. I am not like those people (usually men) int he gym who decide to lift weights they can’t carry so drop them once their arms can’t take it any more. Lower weights as slowly as possible and you can feel your arms working so hard to keep everything steady.

Cardio has really helped to to tone up and become leaner but lifting weights has helped me to get some definition and develop my confidence. I used to want stick like arms because those were the kind of arms everyone had. Now I want muscles which pop and muscles which can support my whole body. I am getting there. Slowly but surely, I am getting there!

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