Reviewing Bridget Christie’s A Book For Her


I love Bridget Christie, have seen her perform live and love her radio shows. This book is probably the book I have been most excited about this year and as I am also a lover of audio books, I decided to buy myself a copy and get to listening.

For Bridget Christie it all started with a fart…a fart in a bookshop by the Women’s Studies section left there by a bookseller who couldn’t give a toss. This was just one of the things which happened in a truly bad day of things and when Bridget Christie felt that she had been given a ‘feminist Ordnance Survey map with which I could now negotiate my way through life’.

When Christie has her epiphany she had been a stand-up for over a decade, not finding an audience or talking about what she really wanted to talk about. Instead of the things which mattered to her (feminism) she dressed up as ants and Charles II, using metaphors to convey inequality between the genders. It didn’t always word and when she decided to give it one last go, to talk about things which really mattered she ditched the costumes and props. That was the beginning of the beginning for Christie and A Book For Her is about this journey she has taken, why feminism is so important, and why all feminists really are man-hating, bra-burning lesbians.

I think there must be some serious differences between the written book and the audiobook I had. There were times when Christie was improvising and times when she was reading. I loved this mix of things because it really sounded as if she was talking to me rather than at me. A Book for Her is such an accurate portrayal of the women today and feminism today. Christie is a brilliant narrator and as expected (and dearly wanted) very, very funny.

Photo credit: Audible and Idil Sukan

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