A Beautiful Run

For various reasons Thursday was my first run in seven days. I can’t remember if there ever has been such a long stretch of days in between runs. I did some HIT training and some weight training but my first love is running. So on Thursday I went for my first run. It was raining and damp and possibly the best thing ever.

I have written about running a lot on this blog but I don’t think I have ever been able to express myself properly. I love running and this includes loving thinking about running and loving the actual run itself. It could very likely be all about the endorphins after, the feelings of accomplishment, but I love feeling the sweat building up (I know, I know), dodging pedestrians, and even sometimes running faster than cars. Obviously for the last one the traffic has to be really, really slow.

Running was how I got into fitness and it is the one thing I keep coming back to no matter how many other things I embrace or try. I really do love running.

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