The Perfect Breakfast

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day and if I could I would have it all the time. Recently I went to three NTC x Frame events where the amazing Pip & Nut were handing out the best toast-based breakfast ever. Since having that I have been experimenting with my own nut butters and toppings, creating some breakfasts which still make me drool over them.

This is what we had courtesy of Pip & Nut.

IMG_7596 IMG_7606Berries, seeds, and generous helpings of nut butters (my butter of choice was their Coconut and Almond one). It was delicious and I loved it. As I said, since then I have carried on eating toast with the best toppings ever.

The top picture of this post is one of the first things I tried to recreate at home. Almond butter with fresh strawberries and sunflower seeds. It was delicious. I had it after an epic (and hard) cardio and weight session at the gym. Just knowing I was going to have it made me push myself a little harder.

Then the image below is what I had after my cardio and weight session yesterday. This time I swapped the strawberries for nectarines and raspberries. The raspberries weren’t very sweet sadly but the nectarines were. Seriously sweet. Again topped off with a very generous helping of seeds.

I also recently tried Innocent’s coconut water and I loved it! As someone who had has a lot of fresh coconut water in their life (on a childhood trip to Kenya as a child we had fresh coconut water every day in massive jugs) I am never all that impressed with the stuff you can buy in shops. Most of them taste good but never good enough. I tried Innocent’s coconut water last week at my cousin’s place and it has come the closest ever to the actual flavour of coconut water. I am very impressed.

I love breakfast and I love toast and nut butters and fruit. I can’t wait to experiment more! What do you all think – do you love breakfast as much as I do?

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