I have hair on my face and no, I am not going to shave it off

Michelle Money, who appeared on “The Bachelor said, “I don’t care who you are, ladies, you have hair on your face…Men don’t like it. Get rid of it.”

I have no idea how I didn’t hear about this before, or write about it before but it completely passed me by. That New York Times article talks about how more and more women are shaving. Which is fine with me – do what you want with your facial hair. What I completely disagree with is what Michelle Money said because I can do what I want with my facial hair and it doesn’t matter to me if it repulses all men AND all women.

There is something about looking and feeling comfortable in your own skin and I can completely see how some women can be horrified by the hair growing on their face. I can see how it can be debilitating and crush an ego. I can understand why you would do almost anything for it to just bloody go away. But what I don’t agree with is what Michelle Money said above because it is so, so wrong.

I am very willing to try shaving the random hairs growing on my face if I read article after article telling me how effective it is. I am a little more wary of shaving my whole face but I will try it. But when someone tells me that men don’t like hair and that’s why you should get rid of it, I dig in my metaphorical heels and drop all razors. When I read something like that I will my facial hair to root down properly and never leave.

As far as ‘advice’ goes it is so much like almost everything else women are told to do – do x because a man wants it that way. And I disagree with that. Partly because from personal experience no man has ever told me that they find my facial hair puke-worthy but mostly because I think women are more critical of other women’s ‘flaws’ than men are. Depressing but true. I started shaving my legs fairly late in life purely because I just didn’t want to and it seems like such a hassle (I should have stuck to my guns because it is such a hassle) and when I wore a skirt it was other women who commented. This is not to say that men didn’t notice – they very likely did because I was the only 15 year old girl in my class with lovely dark hair on her legs – but they never said anything to me.

In comparison take the example of Harnaam Kaur a woman who I’m pretty sure would ignore Michelle Money’s ‘advice’ because she loves her facial hair. She was bullied and at times self-harmed and was suicidal. Now she has embraced her facial her and doesn’t let it definite her.  I’m not saying people (women) should love their facial hair or shave it all off – I just don’t want other people telling me how I should look or what is acceptable for me. I can do what I like with my facial hair and if it isn’t acceptable then the amount of care I give is 0.

Women and men are allowed to do what they like with facial hair and if another woman or man tells you otherwise they are wrong.

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