This is so much harder than it looks

I remember seeing these mountain climbers, on a wall,  for the first time in a SBC promotion and I remember thinking at the time how fun it looked and how much I wanted to try it. So over the weekend I tried it, and it is so much harder than I thought it would be.

It doesn’t help that my upper body strength is pathetic (but slowly getting stronger). and having to support myself with my arms was difficult. Fun, but difficult. It does make an excellent picture but what you can’t see in this photo is my shaking arms or throbbing neck or my struggling core.

All these exercises show much just how much running doesn’t do to improve my core strength or upper body strength. I definitely need to do more and this is the only way. As I have said, i want stronger arms and a stronger core. Sadly while I am now good at running I have to start from the beginning with HIT training and it is a little like taking a thousand steps backwards. I know it’ll be worth it but I wish I was at the same standard with that as I am with my running.

This is basically a post of me wish and hoping for a stronger body – time I actually did something about it!

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