Don’t Underestimate a 5k Runner

11836833_10153221916143371_3429101967131112856_nI love run club (didn’t think that would ever happen but them’s the facts) and while it is always fun to run the longest there is something all kinds of wonderful of taking on of the shorter distances and really pushing yourself. This week, that’s exactly what I did. Instead of running a 10k (where I find the pace punishing and not all that fun) I decided to try to find my fast in a 5k.

I love running 5k but after doing them over and over again you feel pressure (usually self-pressure) to try a longer distance. My issue is that with longer distances I slow down so that I can keep going. With a 5k I always feel as if I can push myself before before my body or my brain gives out.

So this 5k was full of interval training and really pushing myself to run. A Nike Pacer was with me the whole time and as she was running just a little a head of me, I was so motivated to run as fast as possible. In the end she told me that I was running at a pace of 4.50/km.


I have never run at that speed before for such a length of time. Made my day.

The aim is to now be able to carry on with that speed for longer distances. My (personal) pacer was chatting with me while I could barely breath. I need to be able to talk normally while running at that speed and when I can run 5k like that I can start working on running 10k like that.

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