Reviewing Jules Moulin’s Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes by Jules Moulin is a book about Professor Ally and Jake, her former student and the epic weekend of sex they have. But things happen and they part only to be reunited 10 years later when both of them are still very much still in lust with each other.

Life is a juggling act for single mother Ally Hughes. Between the classes she teaches at the local university, a monster of a boss, a home that’s falling apart at the seams and a young daughter who doesn’t miss a trick, there isn’t time for anything else in Ally’s life. Especially romance.

Then she meets Jake, and for one incredible, mind-blowing weekend, anything seems possible. But timing is everything and as the weekend draws to a close, fate is not on Ally’s side.

Ten years later, and fate has Jake knocking at Ally’s front door. Now the one that got away is back, and Ally has some serious decision-making to do…

Is there such a thing as perfect timing? Or is love always a game of chance?

This is a very, very funny book and as I was reading it on my commute I was startling other early morning passengers with my laughter. It is a light, thoroughly enjoyable read of two people getting their act together and staying together.

There were times when I felt what kept the two of them apart was contrived and slightly forced and I did occasionally role my eyes but both Ally and Jake were such wonderful characters that I could get over this. Jules Moulin’s former career was a TV writer and she definitely used some of those skills in writing this book. It was really visual and very, very absorbing. What I really loved were the supporting characters. Ally’s mother and daughter were such interesting characters and I really enjoyed finding more about the two of them.

I enjoyed this book and I do recommend – it’s funny, entertaining, and very enjoyable.

To find out more about Jules check out her twitter feedAlly Hughes Has Sex Sometimes is out now and is available for all good and evil book retailers.

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I was given this book for free as part of the blog tour. My review is definitely my own and neither it nor my opinions haven’t been swayed by the free book swag.

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