10k in Regent’s Park with the BBC

On Thursday evening I found myself in Regent’s Park waiting to run a 10k organised by the BBC. As it was the middle of August I expected it to be a lovely and warm evening. It wasn’t but every day is a good day for a 10k so Friend and I found ourselves in one of the biggest parks in London waiting for the gun to go off.

This has to have been one of the hardest 10ks of my running career. Running three laps of the course was psychologically tough and I hadn’t been feeling all that great earlier in that week (so much so that food and I had parted company).


But thanks to Friend who ran with me the whole course and kept me going, I finished the race in a respectable time (58 minutes – not my best but definitely not my worst either). The last km was the fastest I had ever run at the end of a 10k race.

It was worth it for the runner’s high at the end and the BBC medal.

There is something so wonderful about running with someone in relative silence and not feeling the need to talk. Friend listened to music (it was a Spotify running playlist and half way through she complained at how shit it was) and I ran with her. She is so much faster than me and I will always be so grateful that she stayed with me and pushed me the whole way.

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