Reviewing Nopi in Soho

picture-54Last week I met up with some of my oldest friends and had dinner in Nopi which sister restaurant to Yotam Ottolenghi’s Ottolenghi. With lots and lots of vegetarian dishes and bold Mediterranean and Asian flavours, I think I fell in love.

We decided to go for their sharing platters rather than their main meals and I think that was the best decision. We all got to try so many dishes. I am not a food critic and I love adjectives. I thought everything we ordered was delicious. So delicious that I still dream about it and really, really want to go back AND buy the book when it comes out.

Their cocktail menu was so innovative. I went for their sage and pinapple martini while Friend went for corriander and lime.

Here is what we ordered:

  • Roast aubergine, black garlic, broadbeans, basil – the garlic made this dish for me. I’m Indian, I like my garlic and this had the perfect amount.
  • Courgette and manouri fritters, cardamom yoghurt – I assumed that cardamom in the yoghurt would be too sweet and that it wouldn’t balance the savoury nature of the fritters. Boy was I wrong because we all loved that contrast between savoury and sweet. Plus it was a lovely mix of hot and cold.
  • Valdeon cheesecake, pickled beetroot, almonds, thyme honey – it was the cheese in this dish that made it for me. Truly delicious. Plus the added sweetness from the thyme honey was lovely
  • Crushed red beetroot, goat’s cheese, hazelnuts – I think this was my favourite dish. I love beetroot and the addition of the crunchy hazelnuts was definitely a stroke of genius.
  • Truffle polenta chips, parmesan, garlic aioli – what is it about Nopi’s sauces? I loved the cardamom yoghurt with the fritters and this aioli was so good! Like I said, I’m an Indian and I need things with garlic in then to actually have garlic in them. Also polenta with truffle was such a delicious combination.

I have no idea what to say other than I loved it more than a restaurant meal I have had in a long, long time. The desert was next and coffee based, I really enjoyed it but I thought in comparison to the main meal the portion size was too large and the flavours didn’t have so much depth. This didn’t stop me from eating it all though.

Special mention also has to go to the toilets, which were epic and needed signposting on the floor.

Nopi isn’t cheap but it is delicious and in my opinion worth it.

And apologies for the terrible quality of the images.

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