Annnnnndddd it’s a mid-season break…

…from the run clubs, not life.

This week sees the last week of Nike’s run clubs before they go on their mid-season break. Though they have promised to come back bigger and stronger (those yellow pacer t-shirts might take some beating though) I am going to miss them so much. I really enjoy wunning with other people and I know I am so much faster than I was before running with them.

Can you all spot me at the back ‘squatting’. that is literally about as low as I go and with my dodgy knees I really don’t push myself all the much; pain is not a friend I like.

Maybe because it’s the last run before the Autumn season, maybe it’s because we are running along a canal and that makes me happy, whatever the reason I look happy enough to die in this photo.

It was so brilliant running along the canal. We were in the heart of London and there were so few people about and almost no noise whatsoever. It was a little haven which we ruined with out heavy footfalls and breathing.


I love the Nike Running Clubs – they make me feel welcome and put no pressure on me at all (but just running with other people means I put a lot of pressure on myself) and I am going to miss them. This was an excellent last run and I guess for the next two weeks I am just going to have to expand my horizons and try some new things.

The first four photos weren’t take by me. Credit and copyright for them belongs to Nic Errol, one of the pacers.

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