The New Face of Running Indoors

unnamedSomething very cool recently landed in my inbox. RunSocial, the only app in the world that combines running with HD videos of running routes (to make indoor running more enjoyable) has:

  1. A very cool competition running where you can WIN A RUNNING TRIP to one of three locations;
  2. And a code for all you lovely readers where you can get a free download of the RunSocial Swiss Alps 10k route!

All the information on how to enter and how to get the code is below the cut.

I talk and write a lot about fitness and fashion and how both industries have changed the other (sweating has never been so cool) but what I don’t talk about is technology and fitness. Of course you have watches and fitness trackers but the RunSocial app is something new and something really innovative.

Running indoors is never the most fun thing for me and unlike when I run outdoors I need constant distraction. However with the RunSocial route the HD videos make it seem as if you are running outside, and not just any old outside, but the Swiss Alps outside, or Bali outside. And as someone who suffers from recurring knee problems I need to embrace running inside – the RunSocial app may just help me get there.

Plus weather doesn’t ever have to be a problem again!

So here is the exciting stuff. Firstly the competition where you can win your dream running trip to either the Swiss Alps, or to Bali, or to California (when I entered it was very hard for me to choose!). The link to enter is here: The competition closes soon but I don’t mind if you don’t enter as this will give me a better chance of winning.

Secondly, here is how you can get a free download of the RunSocial Swiss Alps 10km route:

  1. Download the RunSocial app
  2. Go to the website and create your free account and insert the promo code
  3. Go back to the RunSocial app on your phone or table and log-in to your account
  4. In the app, go to the Swiss Alps route and select Run Sample
  5. Now you’re ready to run in the Swiss Alps!

Let me know what you all think!

Disclaimer: RunSocial have given me nothing in exchange for this blog post. I just thought it’s something cool to write about. Plus who doesn’t want the chance to run in California (or Bali or the Swiss Alps?)

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