Rebel Ride at 1Rebel


Early last week I went for my first Rebel Ride at 1Rebel. I don’t know where I have been all year but this was my first time at 1Rebel and bloody hell I was an idiot to have not gone much, much earlier. 1Rebel prides itself on being very different from traditional gyms. It offers a luxurious, members-only esque experience without any contractual obligations. Instead you have friendly staff, HIT fitness sessions, and trainers who know their stuff.

Of course I’ve known about 1Rebel’s RebelRide and as I ran to their studio after work I was really excited to try it out. It took me a while to get into spinning but now I really enjoy it. Usually I spin in the gym by myself to whatever music is playing on the gym’s system (songs I almost never recognise) but this was a thorwback ride with songs I would (hopefully) remember.

I enjoyed the class – it didn’t help that it wasn’t full but then again I liked the fact that there was space around me. We were all given cleats, which I had a great time trying to walk in. The bikes were amazing – like I said I am used to spinning in my gym. Not only is the music a mystery to me but the bikes are old. These were amazing and incredibly comfortable. As it was my first time, a member of staff helped me and showed me the ropes before leaving me in the capable hands of the trainer.

The more I train, the better I become at self-motivation but it was really nice to have someone there pushing us to increase the resistance and to keep on lifting the weights (this may have been a spinning class but there were also weights).


Once finished, and dripping in sweat, I made my way to their changing rooms. Bloody hell they are pretty. Possibly the best thing was a fridge right by the door with chilled towels – just what I needed for my face.

1rebel-bathrooms 1rebel-changing-roomsI really enjoyed the session and I will be heading back. For one thing, I really want to try their Rumble class.

Photos by Gareth Gardner

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