My trip to #MagnumLDN

Wait, what? You want me to create my own Magnum and then eat it? OK!


Last week Sunday was a busy day for me. An epic 10k run (which I will be writing about later) was followed by a visit to the Magnum Pleasure Story in Covent Garden. Due to its popularity it has been extended and I didn’t want to miss out. Thankfully its extension seems to have been some sort of secret because the queue was only 20 minutes long (my Mum still asked me why in the world I was queuing to give people my money…she has a point) and went quickly enough in the sunshine in Covent Garden.

First you choose the toppings that you want, then you choose the inside (vanilla or chocolate). You then get to choose what to coat it with and I obviously went for dark chocolate. For the toppings I choose their dried berries, mixed pearls, and hazelnuts.

Then you toppings of choice are sprinkled on with love and care. Once that’s done, more chocolate is drizzled on top and you are advised to wait 5 minutes for the chocolate to set.

Once it has set, it was ready to eat!

Like almost everyone I like sugar and sweet things and ice cream but this was a lot of all of that at the same time. by the time I got to the end of it I felt slightly sick. Also, as pretty as they look I wasn’t the biggest fan of the mixed pearls – no idea what they were either and they were very, very crunchy. In comparison the berries and hazelnuts were delicious.

I am very glad I went because this is something very cool to try but I think it was a little wasted on me. I would definitely have preferred a Magnum mini.

The Pleasure Store is open until the 13th of September and if this is something you want and are in London, then definitely go! I was told by our Magnum Maker (a term I just made up) that Tuesday evenings are always really quiet so today literally is the perfect day.

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