Is there a better way to celebrate LDNBrunchClub’s first birthday than with a 10k run?

Don’t answer that.

LDNBrunchClub turned 1 last week (happy birthday guys!) and they decided to celebrate by host a Monopoly based run. Choose either the 10k or the 20k route and as you run you pass various locations on the monopoloy board. Even though I hate Monopoly (with a passion ever since I was a child)* I really wanted to do this so I signed up and on a sunny Sunday made my way to the Nike 1948 store in, you guessed it, Shoreditch.

Once there we were all given red LDN Brunch Club tops. Sadly they were the same size for men and women so it looked like I was drowning in mine. Usually things like that make me self-conscious because no one wants to wear really baggy clothes when working out but once I started running I (thankfully) forgot.  I chose to run with the 10k group and my friend Em also opted for the same distance.

Now Em I knew, but she introduced me to a whole new world of amazing fitness bloggers and instagrammers! From left to right, you have MeeraEm, Clare, and Esther.

As we were scheduled to stop for photos we decided merge yoga and running. So here are out epic (if I don’t say so myself) yoga photos.

I don’t think I have laughed so much while running before. Because it wasn’t a race and it was for fun, we all had a nice leisurely run and took our time making our way around the board / course / streets of London. When we arrived back at the Nike Lab store, there were so many treats waiting for us! The amazing Pip & Nut were there, as were Vita Coco, Glaceau Smart WaterUrban FruitNakd Bars, and Bounce Energy Balls! It was a veritable feat and the only way to get some Pip & Nut toast was to use the £200 pound monopoly notes we were given as we finished.

It was such a fantastic run and a brilliant way to celebrate LDNBrunchClub’s first birthday!

*when I was younger I hated it because I would never win. Now as an adult I hate it because it is the most capitalist game in the world where the worst thing you can do is pay your taxes and jail is merely a suggestion.

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