Running my fastest mile! (so far)

Earlier this week Nike hosted the second of their #NikeMilers time trials.  The second, which seems like yesterday, was help 15 weeks ago. On that day my mile time was 7.57 and I was over the moon. I wanted to break the 8 minute mile time so badly. Then when they hosted the session again I wanted nothing more than to beat that time – I would have been happy with 7.56. Instead look at my time! I felt on top of the world.

It wasn’t easy (when I finished I thought my head was going to explode) but with Athlete and coach James Brewer pacing me I didn’t want to stop and just kept on running. Of course as this was Nike we didn’t just run. There was a lot before hand including a talk from Charlie Grice, British 1500m runner (who coincidentally has the same birthday as me). He talked about competing in Beijing and what it has been like to race in the final.

There were also juices from Crude Juice on offer and even though I didn’t want to drink before the run, I did have one after and it was delicious.

I think this means I was the 26th person to sign up, which is pretty cool and very eager of me (I regret nothing).

So as I said above when I finished running it felt as if my head was going to explode. I wasn’t lying. I have heard of people wanting to throw up after a run (and once even felt that myself) but I have never felt the blood rushing to my head or heard my heart pounding in my brain. It was strange and very unusual (and not a little scary). All I could think of was getting lots of water in my and sitting down. I have never pushed myself over such a short distance before and I don’t think my body knows how to cope (it will learn). I don’t really know what to do if that happens again – was sitting down the right thing to do or should I have kept on moving? Sitting down definitely felt like the right thing to do.

Once the mile was over Alice, Em and I posed for a very sweaty, very happy photo!

It was a great night and without events like this I wouldn’t know that I am capable of running that fast. I actually suspect that I am capable of running faster and that is pretty exciting.


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