Running to the Beat

Recently it seems as if every weekend I am doing some sort of race. Yesterday was no different with Sure’s Run to the Beat. It’s an event Sister and I did last year and thoroughly enjoyed and we were both looking forward to it this year.

This is not to say there weren’t issues with Sure’s Run to the Beat (the shirts were men’s sizes yet Sister and I had to pay the same price – this will never stop pissing me off and I will be writing a full post about it later on) but it is a fun race with an epic concert at the end.

The course in Wembley starts and finishes in the Stadium grounds which is pretty cool. It’s a thoroughly hilly course which is never fun but always challenging. I decided to run with Sister – she hadn’t run in a good while and I knew that having me next to her would be an excellent motivation, plus I could chat as we ran (I am such a chatterbox!). We ran slower than either of our fastest times but finishing at 01:01:48 is a time I am very happy with. If we had run at our respective normal paces we would  both have been under an hour even with all those hills and just knowing that is brilliant.

Once we contacted our medals we made our way to the stage where the brilliant Jameela Jamil was DJing (I love her so much). She was followed by Marvin Humes (previously of JLS and now DJ and radio presenter) and Sister and I spent the next hour and a half dancing.

The foam fingers were an excellent addition.

I love dancing. I haven’t always and I used to be so self conscious and now I don’t think about what my arms and legs are doing as long as I am dancing. It took me a long time to realise that if people really care about my dancing then they are really, really bored. Sister has never had that problem (lucky her) so yesterday the two of us were probably the only people who danced the whole time to every single song.

There was this young girl next to me (I am going to say pre-teen) who was obviously a Marvin fan. She didn’t dance at all and this is fine (she could be going through the same crippling self-conscious phase I went through) but she spent a lot of her time watching me dance. It was only when I asked her why she was staring that she looked back at Marvin. Who knew I could be as appealing to anyone as Marvin Humes.

I really hope Run to the Beat post more photos – Sister and I were right at the front the whole time and I would love to be able to share them.

It was such a good day and really brilliant event. As with last year the music at the end was all kinds of magnifique.


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