Frivolous Fashion – it’s an odyssey of the good, the bad, and the downright strange

I love fashion. I really do. I love experimenting with my style and I love when LFW comes round (soon now!). I am always looking for something quirky and a bit strange and offbeat. Of course there are plenty examples of that all over the place, and it’s a balancing act between money and desire because outside of the very basic garments, isn’t everything frivolous?

I am sure there is an argument which supports this but I personally believe that a lace collared silk shirt or thigh high boots aren’t frivolous. I also want to point out that just because something is beautiful it isn’t automatically frivolous. For me frivolity in fashion is fun – frivolous garments and accessories allow for the best sort of experimentation. But they are also things which you don’t need to have because they enhance style rather than define it.

Take this hat. I love this hat and it reminds me of Osman Youzefzada’s studded wedge heels circa 2009 (the dark ages). I still dream about those shoes every now and again. But anyway, back to the hat. This hat is part of H&M’s AW15 Studio collection. I think it’s beautiful – I think the colours are stunning and so very perfect for autumn while the style seems as if it would suit all heads.


Coming in at £49.99 I know there are lots and lots of people out there who wouldn’t balk at that price. And if it was a dress I wouldn’t either, but it is a hat. A hat which will cost me half a century in British Stirling. Plus I haven’t worn in hat in about two decades so shelling out £50 for one is a massive investment. Yet this doesn’t take away from its beauty or how much I want it…H&M are you having a sale soon?

Part of the same collection are these removable collars. I remember when & Other Stories had something similar in shades of black and white. I wanted one then but was too late so my heart (and wallet since this is so much cheaper) did a little jump for joy when seeing this. In the case of this it was much easier for me to balance and reconcile my desire for something so frivolous with its cost.



These are £14.99 each and I can see myself wearing the forest green one all winter long.

Even though right at the beginning I said that frivolous fashion to me enhances style and is fun, there has to be some sort of functionality. The collar is going to keep me warm which the hat…won’t. Sadly.

Sometimes I think bags fall into this category too – they are fun items which people can spend a lot of money and take on some mythical effect (‘no, don’t touch it,’ and ‘no it can’t touch the floor,’ and ‘holy crap is that going to stain?’ are all things I have heard people say when talking about their bags). One friend is building up to buying a Mulberry (no idea which one) by progressively buying more and more expensive bags. No, I don’t understand it either.

Since I have started commuting to work and taking my fitness seriously I have invested in a rucksack. I don’t like rucksacks and would much prefer something on one shoulder but I also don’t like back pain and had to make a choice.

But are bags really frivolous? I think there is a scale of frivolity with the really crazy at one end and the less crazy at the other. I once bought a massive faux fur hairy bracelet from Topshop which completely drowned out my wrist and made me look like an idiot. I know which side of the scale that belongs on. Bags are where then? I know where I would put them but the friend building up to her Mulberry would definitely put them somewhere else.

I don’t need expensive bags (unless they stop back ache) but lots and lots of people do. On the other hand I do think a bag add to a person’s style, I just rather go on holiday instead (and if I don’t want to spend £50 on a hat I am not going to spend £1000+ on a bag).

Now as I write this I can see the hole I have fallen into. Sure I won’t spend any money on embellished, drool worthy hats or bags but what about branded gym wear? I blog and Instagram about new kit all the time and that’s money I have spent. That’s ridiculously frivolous (it really is – they say they wick sweat away, they don’t and a normal t-shirt can do the same job) and very, very expensive. It’s all about personal preference isn’t it? I’ll spend a small fortune on leggings but not on a hat and I justify the spend with way more ease and comfort. I’ll also buy a neck collar rather than a new bag and not think that’s strange at all.

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