#NTC at the Saatchi Gallery

It’s not every day you get the chance to train in the Saatchi Gallery but yesterday evening that’s exactly where I was able to get my sweat on. Nike and Saatchi had collaborated together and the gallery hosted two training sessions run by Master Trainers. I was in the first session and when I tell you sweat was dripping down my face, I’m not exaggerating.

We all met in the Women’s only Nike Store (in Europe no less I was told) before heading to the Saatchi Gallery. I was dressed like summer because as far as I am concerned, the weather is a traitor.

‘Recent studies show that actually training is 100% more effective than thinking about training’.

I loved having that on the wall, like a third trainer pushing me to actually work harder. Burpees, squats, lunges, planks, jogging, and drills – we did it all. And we (at least I) sweated through it all. I had had such a restless day that letting out some of my pent up energy in was so welcome.

UK Women's Heath

This image was taken by UK Women’s Health and is on their instagram page. As you can see I am wiping sweat from my face because I was drenched.

It was such a brilliant workout and cool collaborations like this are so much fun to attend – don’t stop Nike! 

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