I LOVE Sandwiches

Dear Sandwich,

You are the one thing I have been eating consistently since I moved onto solids. First it was my mum waking up early to make me a sandwich for lunch (school dinners were not a thing she agreed with). Because of her I think crusts are the best and those that insist on eating crust-less sandwiches are idiots. Then at aged 11 the responsibility was put squarely on my shoulders – either I learn to make myself an epic sandwich or I starve at lunch.

Over the years I have tried lots and lots of fillings. There was that time when all I would ever have was sun dried tomato pesto, and then when I refused to have cucumber or lettuce. I have never ever had butter or margarine in my sandwiches and they are the better for it. When bread sticks to the roof of my mouth because of food glues like butter I want to vomit. Currently I love putting in last night’s salad with mustard and cheese. It’s delicious but in a little while I bet I’ll change it up again. These are only two constants in my sandwich – cheese and bread. Cheese because it is delicious and I love cheese and bread because breadless sandwiches are salads and not sandwiches.

Sadly I’m not all that faithful. I cheat on you regularly, going to sexy places and spending my money on salads and falafels and second breakfasts. It’s always in the hope that they’ll be as delicious as you and in that very moment of cheating eating, they are. They the dust settles and I still miss you.  So I am sorry but you are always the one I run back too – that must count for something right? Right?

I love you sandwich, you make every lunch time all the better for being there.

Lots of love,


P.S. I am sorry for spelling you sand-witch when I was a child.

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