Sweaty Betty – #GetFit4Free with Body by Simone

Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free featuring Simone De La Rue. Photography by STUDIO 1208

Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free featuring Simone De La Rue. Photography by STUDIO 1208

I hadn’t heard of Body by Simone until I saw that Sweaty Betty had partnered with them for their newest #GetFit4Free campaign. BBS is a dance cardio workout and while really big in America it hasn’t quite reached London. This is all going to change though, rumour has it that Simone is crossing the ocean soon. Before I had the chance to go to a store and try the workout, I did the video at home and it reminded me of good old fashioned aerobics, which I loved back in the day, but with a lot more jumping, which I also love now. Links on where to find the video and how to book a class are below so go forth and read!

Firstly I did the class at home in my living room. The workout is just short of 40 minutes long and combines dance cardio with a little bit of yoga and a little bit of Pilates to create a full body workout. I love dancing and I have decent coordination so loved throwing myself into the three dance cardio routines. Mixed in with the cardio sections were toning exercises for the arms, legs, and core. I worked up such a sweat and had a fantastic time – I definitely recommend it especially if you are looking for something so do in the comfort of your own home, and it’s free! Plus it is led by Simone of BBS herself and she is such a brilliant teacher. Her good mood and smile were infectious – plus there is a bit when she deepens her voice when counting that cracked me up. I have now done the workout twice and once with my mum who also loved it.

Having enjoyed it so much I booked myself into one of Sweaty Betty’s in store classes and was incredibly excited. I really wanted to experience the class with an actual teacher and in my case that was the brilliant Maria, who is a Sweaty Betty ambassador. The lights were dimmed and the music loud – it was really the perfect was to dance and jump and lift weights. The day of the class (yesterday) was horrible here in London, wet and cold. But the class more than made up for it, putting a huge grin on my face. With Maria there I could really perfect each and every move as she showed us how to do them properly. This is not to say the video doesn’t do that but it is very different when there is an actual person there watching you and seeing what you and your body are doing.

Sweaty Betty’s GetFit4Free campaign runs for the whole of September. If you are based in the UK or in the US and have a Sweaty Betty near you, chances are they will be running classes. You can find out more information and book a class here. If you want to do the workout at home then the video can be found here.



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