Taking a walk in Stockholm’s Royal National Park

This was by far one of my favourite days in Stockholm. Sister and I went to the Royal National Park and we stayed there the whole day. With a museum dedicated to a sunken ship, a zoo and a walk which ended in the best view ever, there was very little reason for us to rush.

The first place we went to was the Vasa Museum named after a ship which sank in Stockholm a good few centuries ago. Once the ship had been recovered and restored it was put in the museum and that was definitely one of the coolest things that I have ever seen.


Then it was time for the zoo where we also had a picnic.


In the zoo I did something quite strange and didn’t take many photos of the animals, I just decided to enjoy what I was seeing. I am genuinely surprised at myself but have no fear, when we left the zoo I was back to taking photos of everything. But I had to take a picture of one of the peacocks and cock just because that gave me permission to write the word ‘cock’ in this post.

Once we left the zoo we just walked…and walked…and walked. The views were amazing, just have a look below.


Of course walking makes you hungry so we stopped in the royal gardens for a fikka. A fikka is the one ting I have taken from Stockholm which I have already adapted into my daily life. It translates to a coffee break but it takes relaxing and having a pastry into consideration too. That was followed by more, you guessed it, walking. And the view at the end was so worth it.


We followed the river right to the mouth of the Baltic sea and in total it was about six hours of walking. Six perfect hours.


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