Running with Upbeat

Do you all remember when I went to Be:Fit earlier this year? While I was there I got to try Upbeat, a brand new delicious dairy protein drink. I tried a couple of their flavours while I was there ( Blueberry & Raspberry, and Strawberry) and thought they were delicious. Fast forward to now where I recently tried their Mango & Passion Fruit protein drink and fell head over heals in love.

Upbeat is high in protein, low in fat, has half the sugar of most fruit smoothies and no more than 150 calories making it a ‘magic’ combination. It’s made with real fruit and tastes great.


Since I have started lifting weights and running more I have been looking for convenient and healthy ways to get protein in me. While I won’t rely only on Upbeat alone, the ease and deliciousness of this diary drink makes it a winner for me. Of course protein isn’t necessary for those only working out and wanting to increase muscle mass, it’s vital for everyone and I really do recommend it.

As these drinks are fresh they have to be kept in the fridge and consumed once opened – not that this is a difficult at all. I went out for a long run over the weekend and gulped it down once back home and trainer free. Apart from the flavours I have mentioned Upbeat recently announced their newest combination: Chocolate & Orange. While I don’t think anything can beat Mango & Passion Fruit, I am definitely willing to take on the hardship of trying out the flavour!

I really like Upbeat – I think it’s delicious, convenient, and most important of all it’s healthy. If you want to give it a go have a look for stockists on their website.

I was given Upbeat for free. My review is definitely my own and neither it nor my opinions haven’t been swayed by the free protein drink swag.

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