Stockholm – day trip to Vaxholm

I didn’t know until I started doing research but Stockholm not only has archipelagos but they are easily accessible even in September. One day Sister and I decided to get on a ferry and make our way to Vaxholm, a small island a little way away, to see what it was all about. It turned out that Vaxholm was all about sunshine and sea views, and tea.

Sister and I are early birds so when we initially got to Vaxholm we were disappointed. Nothing was open, there were no people around and it was cloudy. We wondered around for a bit, contemplated going home but decided that before we did we would go to one of the cafes and have a fikka. I mentioned in a previous post how much I live fikkas – coffee breaks – and there was something pretty special about this one. As we sat and had our tea and cake, the sun came out and people started to emerge from wherever they had been hiding (their beds most likely). We no longer wanted to leave and instead we started exploring.

It was so worth it.


As we walked around the island there were points where a jetty had been made and we could really get close to the water. In summer apparently lots and lots of people decide to go swimming and I can see why. Even in September stripping and jumping in was so tempting!


It was also brilliant because I got to put my feet (okay boots) in sand and water!

Getting to and from Vaxholm was easy peasy and there were quite a few ferries running throughout the day. Some of the other islands, the ones further away are harder to get to when it isn’t the summer season, so if you are planning a trip be wary of that. We wanted to go to another island but the ferry times were so far and few between so we stuck to Vaxholm and travelling around Stockholm and Sweden by train – more on that soon!

Vaxholm was so beautiful. Just seeing the blue sky reflected in the blue sea brought on a level of calm that i didn’t even know I needed. Running is wonderful and it really helps with my stress levels but listening to waves and walking in the sunshine was such a tonic to my soul (I have gone all poetic haven’t I?). I won’t forget this day in a hurry.


    • Rosh 7th October 2015 / 11:20 am

      It really was!

    • Rosh 7th October 2015 / 1:21 pm

      It was definitely one of my best holidays ever. I never thought I would love Stockholm so much but I did! xx

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